Real Madrid 19 in a row challenge 24 winning streak record

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Real Madrid 19 in a row challenge 24 winning streak record

Postby hanliang » Fri Nov 13, 2015 7:20 pm

Real Madrid continue straight, in the champions league group stage 4: group B finish home to 0 victory over Bulgaria champion ludo goree lies. Barcelona, real Madrid scored 19 in a row, to beat the Spanish team official game winning streak. In the history of the champions league title to become champions league sixth in the group of 6 wins team. Refresh the winning streak in the liga outfit in all competitions. After this nhl coins record by frank rijkaard era in Barcelona in hut coins sale 2005-2006 season. When Barcelona one stretch of 13 games in la liga, 3 games made 18 wins the champions league and 2 in the cup.

Real Madrid in the 20th minute break the deadlock, cross corner, central defender navarre header in midfield by the visitors start off with my left arm, bear the break was found invalid. French referee tobin a penalty, but also to the start. Cristiano ronaldo on the spot, turn into wonderful spoon penalty in the shoot-out after goalkeeper stoyanov. This is cristiano ronaldo in the champions league race's 72th ball, he this beyond the formal real Madrid legend raul (71), exclusive to champions league history the second top scorer, less than two goals at the top of Lionel messi.
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