FifaBR believes Liverpool will beat Manchester United again

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FifaBR believes Liverpool will beat Manchester United again

Postby hanliang » Fri Nov 13, 2015 7:22 pm

Although there are not many people talking about Liverpool, FifaBR said they hut coins sale believe a victory over Manchester United. Last season's experience can help them beat Manchester United in the FIFA 15 game.

On Wednesday morning in the final round of the Champions League, and Liverpool at home 1-1 draw with Basel, lost promotion eligibility playoffs, but they have a chance to compete with Manchester United at the weekend with a win to boost team morale.

FifaBR said: "Last season at Old Trafford we kicked out of a great FIFA 15 game, it also gives us a lot of encouragement. In this week's game, we will do our best to win on the road again." "These two FIFA teams battle nhl coins between Mars radiance always been a lot of classic FIFA games go down in history. Last season at Old Trafford three points still feeling so I cannot forget, I hope this time we are able to do so. "
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