Ronaldinho:Brazilian legend say goodbye to fifa and end his

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Ronaldinho:Brazilian legend say goodbye to fifa and end his

Postby hanliang » Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:14 pm

Ronaldinho:Brazilian legend say goodbye to fifa and end his career ?
On FIFA 15, he was available for club Queretaro and got 80 rate but despite the fact that Ronaldinho’s new club Fluminense is on , Ronaldinho is not there.why is Ronaldinho not in fifa 16?


As some reports said Ronaldinho failed to impress at Fluminense, where he played 9 games in 2 months. He told the manager he wasn't the player he wanted to be, nor in a proper shape.Then Fluminense said that they had agreed to part company with Ronaldinho in an "amicable manner and by mutual agreement". So they seperated Ronaldinho from the club leaving him clubless before Fifa 16.He might transfer to a club that EA has a contract with, which could reunite Ronaldinho with Fifa in Fifa January Transfer update. If that won't happen it's probably a final goodbye for Ronaldinho to Fifa, since he's talking about retiring. he is a free agent until now

Ronaldinho may end his career after left from Fluminense?


Well, that didn't last long, did it? Just three months after joining them, Ronaldinho has left his latest club, Fluminense.

read more In a context where little has been going right on the field, Ronaldinho's contribution came under a demanding microscope. He played against Goias but did little to help the cause. With little mobility and no spark, he was easily knocked off the ball and was substituted at half-time in what may prove to be a melancholy final outing in Brazilian football. It is questionable whether another Brazilian club will give him a chance. It's also debatable how much he would really want one.

fifa 16 coins for sale when he was first presented to the Fluminense fans at the Maracana stadium in July. The presence of so many supporters, he said, made him anxious to get out there and show what he could do. That was the public relations portion but the truth was that he would not be training for more than another week. He was halfway through a fortnight's holiday period which he had negotiated with the club as part of the deal. Football hardly seemed to be his priority as has appeared the case so often since 2006, when his long decline began

At his peak there was such childish joy in his own ability. But for some time now it has come across as jaded and cynical fut coins cart-- as cynical as Fluminense celebrating the fact that the short-lived partnership with Ronaldinho had fulfilled its marketing objectives. The club was using "executive speak" for the fact that a number of fans had been convinced into buying shirts with Ronaldinho's name on the back, shirts that may well never be worn again, sad souvenirs of a depressing chapter in the career of a once great player.
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