The size of the drill will be noted with the self-tapping sc

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The size of the drill will be noted with the self-tapping sc

Postby prefabhouse » Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:03 pm

Using Wood Screws for securing has already become an invaluable system fastening two items together. The system of self-tapping works on the principle of the screw cutting its own thread as it is presented and screwed through the two or more items to be fastened together. The screw of this screw must be made of a material harder than that into which it is screwed so that it can cut its own thread before it goes blunt. In general, the screws are made of steel so that they can be used to fasten a range of softer material items together.

To make a joint, it firstly should choose a right screw, and then mark the position where the screws will be presented, next, position the items which need to be joined together into their final position. If possible, clamp the items together with a suitable clamp to ensure accuracy of the joint, while if impossible, each item must be marked accurately for future drilling. After that, drill each item correctly with a right sized drill. The size of the drill will be noted with the self-tapping screws when they are purchased but will be slightly smaller than the screw.

Generally speaking, you just need to drill the bottom item with a smaller drill while the top drill can be drilled with a drill which is slightly larger than the screw. This can definitely ensure that the bottom item is pulled towards the screw head and the middle item is securely clamped into its correct position. At this time, the items are placed into right position and the screw is screwed into position to make the joint.

When turning the screw, it will cut a thread into the hole, and when the head of the screw meets the first item it pull the joint together on the thread which it has just cut in the bottom item. It is used mainly on sheet items where a simple joint is required, obviously the joint is not so strong as some because of the softness of the material of the sheet used but the joint is strengthened by using more screws.

At present, most suppliers can supply the full range of sizes and head shapes from countersink to round and flat headed screws. And self tapping Hex Head Screw has now become a major fastener for items from construction to surgery and is usually used for plastic materials.
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