FIFA 15 UT mode tacit understanding value resolution

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FIFA 15 UT mode tacit understanding value resolution

Postby hanliang » Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:56 pm

FIFA 15 UT mode tacit understanding value resolution

Chemistry is ut inside one of the most interesting thing, from fifa 14 has been started, a lot of new ideas and the exploration is a foreign player, after all, the game is abroad, they can be better to get the latest information in the game and numerical, and so on.

What is a tacit understanding value: tacit understanding value is the ea focused on the ut characteristics of products, it can make your team more powerful, strength increase, so as fifa coins traders to fight against longer odds. Tacit understanding value is divided into teamwork team (that is, the lower left of the tacit understanding degree) and individual tacit understanding value (everyone in the team the tacit understanding, is at least 1 up to 10).

Into the game's personal tacit understanding value is how to calculate? Individual tacit understanding the value of the formula is as follows: team tacit understanding value (tacit understanding degree) * 0.025 * 0.75 + individual tacit understanding value.

After entering the game, the player under fifa 16 coins traders the influence of different teamwork and individual tacit understanding, after entering the game he always tacit understanding value were 7.75 and 7.75. So personal tacit understanding value is more important than the values of teamwork, full, of course, the best. Individual tacit understanding value by this player and how many other players of attachment. Such as 352 the goalkeeper has three wires, so he wants to achieve the highest personal tacit understanding value 10 must satisfy three wires. Article 352 of the CDM has five wires, so he must meet five connections to achieve highest tacit understanding value 10. To be sure is to meet three attachment does not need 3 are all green line, just to satisfy three conditions.
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