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Neri Per Caso Review

Postby billhare » Wed Oct 08, 2008 9:21 am

Elie Landau wrote:Well, I guess you have to add Italy to the list of European countries where, unbeknownst to me until RARB came along, there is at least one terrific, professional a cappella group turning out some fantastic music.

So much happens in Europe that we is just off our radar here in the "isolated" USA. There has been great pro A Cappella in Italy for years. Cluster is now signed to SONY, after a successful run on "X-Factor" over there (the European equivalent to "American Idol"), and will be having an international release soon, hopefully. If you haven't heard the "Ghost Files" project, definitely check that out. Other groups that have been running for years, such as Mezzotono, are also worth checking out. A Cappella is all over Televisions and Radios in Europe (at least compared to here)!

Elie Landau wrote:they certainly have flashes of brilliance which call to mind the "heavy hitters" of international a cappella such as baSix,

Actually, it happened the other way around - Neri Per Caso were one of the earliest INFLUENCES on Basix, and Basix' first album was recorded and produced by 2 of the members of NPC.


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Postby gonzalo » Wed Oct 08, 2008 9:57 am

I want to thank all the people at rarb for being such an awesome community, and especially the reviewers who wrote very kind of " Angoli diversi", our latest album.
Let me thank also Benjamin, he realized that my english isn't that bright and, with a little help in italian, he addressed me on how to send the cds for the review.
Angoli diversi was relesead on february 15th and it came out after 6 years of silence. It took us about 2 years to record it. Even if you don't know them, the 11 artists that sung in this album are extremely popular here in can imagine how hard was to let them sing for us.
In other words we are so proud of Angoli diversi. Even if there's a huge crisis this album sold about 50000 copies ( gold record in italy is 35000).
Your review is the cherry on top of this beautiful cake.
Thank you very much.
Gonzalo Caravano- Neri Per Caso.
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Postby bstevens » Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:13 pm

Ben che tuo inglese forse non sia perfetto, Gonzalo, penso che sia sicuramente meglio del italiano degli americani! E la musica, non si deve dire che e meravigliosa. Al prossimo album!
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