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Cornell Chordials - Smash

Postby ajg55 » Wed Feb 11, 2009 8:05 am

Just wanted to give major thanks to our reviewers - we will definitely consider the constructive comments given to us as we begin to work out our upcoming repertoire and next album (which we should start recording around May).

I pushed early on to step away from the "wall of sound" techniques used on Arrival and bring the focus more to the arrangements on this CD, as I feel like the ability to pick out distinct parts and voice qualities makes for a more engaging listening experience. This is really just a personal preference, and I'm interested to see what the general consensus is on the forum with respect to the production qualities of Smash vs. Arrival. Has anyone here had a chance to listen to the CD? Was that goal accomplished?

And I also want to second what the reviewers said about our female soloists on this album - I am consistently in awe of their abilities w.r.t. capturing emotion in addition to all of the technical aspects. Some of these solos are way beyond collegiate in my opinion.
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