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Postby Mnemosyne » Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:28 am

soundslikedrums wrote:I'd make the same point about OTB - while OTB sounds more "now" than KS, I'm in the camp that would like them to move beyond "zhin zho", and sooner rather than later.

Glad I wasn't the one to say it. Though I have to admit, "zhin zho annamollywannago" and "fannykannylannymanny" are pretty awesome syllables.

soundslikedrums wrote:All I'm saying is that the wonderful music made by the King's Singers - of whom I have said zero negative things in this thread - is not consistent with the terms "innovative" or "modern" as I understand those terms to apply to a cappella music in 2009. And, based on the depth of talent they possess and the broad chasm between their work and what I recognize as "modern a cappella", I suspect that - as is the case with many of the Ivy League groups, who eschew a "modern" sound for a more traditional one - that difference is entirely by design.

This goes back to the whole point of what Dave said in his review - no one is, nor should anyone try to compare the King's Singers and Off The Beat. The Whiffenpoofs may sometimes use more "modern" recording techniques, but they're not trying to sound like Basix or the Bubs - they have a completely different style, and they choose to stick with it. If the King's Singers ever started "jen joh gen doh"-ing, I'd actually be a little concerned.
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Postby dekesharon » Tue Apr 21, 2009 2:25 pm

rebecca wrote:Not to go all Bill Hare on you, but...

See what you've done here?

Bill's "now let me tell you, Son..." posting style used to be innovative, but now you've cheapened it through co-opting.

Pretty soon every time Bill opens his mouth he'll be no more fresh and relevant than the 1980 King Singers' recording of "Windmills Of My Mind."

Dr. Dre becomes Dr. Marcus Welby becomes Hippocrates.

And then we're going to have to rename our seminar "potage to..." um... "more of the same potage."

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