Childish Thing - Correction

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Childish Thing - Correction

Postby ed_ootb » Sun May 22, 2011 5:17 am

This is about the recent (very generous) review of Out of the Blue's 'Childish Thing'

Backstory: when we released childish thing we were working to a tight deadline and were under considerable budget constraints, meaning that the original liner notes contained many many mistakes, which have since been corrected in subsequent printings. Here follow the corrections


Track 6 (Let Love Be Your Energy) and Track 11 (Cold Water), were mixed by John Clark (who did an amazing job at short notice and with a very fast turnaround) and edited by James Cannon.


All done by Bill Hare at very short notice and under severe timing constraints - thanks so much Bill

Group names:

Reprints of the album contain the group's last names: Nick Thomas Peter (bass), Jake Taee (bass), Harry Martin (bass), George Eddy (bass), Dave Wisby (baritone), Tom Lyle (Baritone), Edmund Thomson Jones (Baritone), Scott Riseborough (Tenor), Laurence Osborn (tenor), Ben Wingfield (tenor), Tim Jones (tenor), Laurie Cottam (tenor), Nick Pritchard (Tenor).

Thanks to everyone for helping to make this album a success. Thanks for bearing with us, and sorry for all inconvenience caused.
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