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Gabbahey - Andra sidan

Postby andersenstrom » Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:55 am

On behalf of the group I'd like to thank the reviewers for the kind comments and the positive reception of our album Andra sidan. We have gained some attention here in Sweden already, but it is really nice to see that the work we do is appreciated elsewhere, despite the "language barrier". Regarding that, we agree with the comments about translations of the lyrics and will try to publish as many as we can on our website
To find out for yourselves what the reviewers liked so much, our music is available on iTunes:

And we are of course more than happy to post a CD, just order it on our website or drop me an e-mail on the adress below.

Once again, thank you Jonathan, Alex and Nick for the feedback!

Anders, Gabbahey
anders AT gabbahey DOT se
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