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RARB's new leadership

Postby bstevens » Thu Apr 19, 2012 2:20 pm

19 April 2012


RARB coordinator Benjamin Stevens issues this statement.

"I am writing to announce my retirement from the Recorded A cappella Review Board as of today, 19 April 2012.

"It has been my honor to be part of RARB for fourteen years and to have served as coordinator for the last seven. For that honor I would like to thank all of the reviewers, editors, and other Board members with whom I have worked, in particular the founders Chris Tess and Seth Golub for taking me on, and all of RARB's readers. I hope that my tenure has helped the Board to develop in positive ways.

"My retirement has been planned for within RARB for some time. Although a period of transition is perhaps inevitable, I am confident that our internal planning will make that transition smooth. In that connection it is my honor and pleasure to announce RARB's new leadership.

"Replacing me as coordinator, under the new title 'Editor-in-Chief', is Kimberly Raschka Sailor (ksailor@rarb.org). Herself author of nearly 150 reviews, Kimmie has also long served as an editor. She was elected to the position of Editor-in-Chief upon my nomination with the full confidence of the Board.

"Joining the Editor-in-Chief is a new position, 'Marketing Director', to serve as the public face of RARB. RARB's first Marketing Director is Robert Dietz (rdietz@rarb.org). Himself author of nearly 100 reviews, Robert was elected to the position of Marketing Director upon my nomination with the full confidence of the Board.

"Remaining as publisher, under the new title 'Technical Director', is Michael Marcus (mmarcus@rarb.org). Originally a reviewer, Mike took over as publisher and webmaster in mid-2011 and has been instrumental in maintaining the infrastructure as well as in helping the Board plan for its future. Mike was elected to the position of Technical Director upon my nomination with the full confidence of the Board.

"Dave Trendler (dtrendler@rarb.org) will continue as Senior Editor.

"RARB will operate under an 'interim' status while it works to author its bylaws so as to adhere to legal standards of terms of use.

"Please join me in welcoming RARB's new leadership and in looking forward to great things to come!"

Questions may directed to RARB Marketing Director Robert Dietz (rdietz@rarb.org).

Benjamin Stevens

CASA Director of Education

Educational Officer for Festivals and Events

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