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Female Vocal Percussion

Postby kristineslipson » Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:14 am

Hey guys! Or rather... hey ladies!!

So, I've been training myself since the beginning of the year, and I'm quite happy with my abilities so far. Granted, I played percussion in high school, so I probably had a head start with rudiments and basic patterns. That, and it was sink or swim when I started Scenic Root and ended up being the main VP for the group. Obviously female VP is always going to sound different than the guys, but I've come to realize that it's not a bad thing- all VPs have different styles, so this is just a more extreme style difference.

Ladies with more experience than me, any tips?
I'm trying to learn more speed things like double-pedal bass and multiple outward snares in a row.

Your preference on mic cupping?
I don't do the full on hip-hop-death-grip, but I'd love to hear what others like.

Do you practice with a metronome?
Do you use the metronome when rehearsing with the rest of the a cappella group?

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