Track 10 songs for $1000, EP for $500

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Track 10 songs for $1000, EP for $500

Postby naltimar » Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:46 am

Hey everyone!

Do you live in the Northeast? Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York State (Albany -to- Syracuse, Poughkeepsie -to- Canada line), Vermont, New Hampshire?

Do you sing in a collegiate, high school, semi-professional, professional or CAL a cappella group?

Are you recording soon or have aspirations to record an EP or album soon?

Do you want to save an enormous amount of money on your recording while not cutting any corners?

I am offering a limited time, first-come-first-served bargain on tracking, PLUS have your work edited and mixed by Tim Bongiovanni of Northgate Productions -one of my favorite engineers.

I'm offering the following:

Track an entire 10-track album for $1000.00
Track an entire 5-6 song EP for $500

I'll come to you provided that you are located within approximately 200 miles of Albany NY.

Email me at for details!


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