NEW SONG: Soundescape - Phantasie (Videoclip)

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NEW SONG: Soundescape - Phantasie (Videoclip)

Postby Gass n Klang » Mon Mar 28, 2016 3:46 pm

Hey guys,
this is my first post here and many more shall follow. I hope I'm in the right forum to present the new videoclip of my vocal group "Soundescape":

I'm the FOH and studio sounddesigner of this group. The song is an original composed by one of the singers. The lyrics are part of Goethe's Faust (German). So here is the English translation of the lyrics for you. I hope you enjoy:

If imagination flew with courage, once,
And, full of hope, stretched out to eternity,
Now a little room is quite enough,
When joy on joy has gone, in time’s whirling sea.
Care has nested in the heart’s depths,
Restless, she rocks there, spoiling joy and rest,
There she works her secret pain,
And wears new masks, ever and again,
Appears as wife and child, fields and houses,
As water, fire, or knife or poison:
Still we tremble for what never strikes us,
And must still cry for what has not yet gone.
I am no god: I feel it all too deeply.
I am the worm that writhes in dust: see,
As in the dust it lives, and seeks to eat,
It’s crushed and buried by the passing feet.
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