Need mic recommendations

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Need mic recommendations

Postby Caraelyse » Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:28 am

Hello all!

My group, the dcVocals ( needs some advice on microphones, that we'd like to purchase for future performances. Here are some of the options we've researched:

EW145G3 ... d=6&pid=87
AT3141b ... =6&pid=372
ATW 2120

Does anyone have experience with any of these, or can you give recommendations about other wireless mics that work well for acapella singing and are relatively inexpensive? We have about a $2000 budget and there are 12 members in our group.


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Re: Need mic recommendations

Postby mikex » Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:37 am

The EW145G3 is great! However.. I would be careful when going above 8 channels (or even four for that matter).

Unless you spend some decent coin and get quality, upper end receivers, you may run into issues using that many mics simultaneously.

I have used the 4 ch antennae combiner from Sennheiser for my larger shows, which helps alleviate these issues, especially when you are changing venues. You would probably need three of these in order to get the job done.. each combiner collapses into one so that you have two paddles for all your receivers.

Trust me.. failure to take the time to research your venues and get a feel for how the mics will behave and program the supported frequencies for that area can result in disaster.

You may find that getting some kick ass wired mics may be better suited for you.. OR to mix wired with some wireless to alleviate your cabling nightmare.

Good luck!

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