Octaver usage in live shows: cabling annoyance

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Octaver usage in live shows: cabling annoyance

Postby jeremys » Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:59 am

Warning! Longwinded live sound question.

We (Similar Jones, 6-person semi-pro group) have been using an octaver in our live shows for a decade. We usually have our board on stage, and can just run a couple of basic instrument cables to and from the pedal no problem. We send the bass and VP channels to an aux that we run to the pedal, and return the octaved signal to the board on its own channel, which lets us tweak the sound pretty finely. We stomp it on and off all the time as needed and life is sweet.

Lately, though, we've started running separate octavers for bass and VP: we're finding more instances where we want one or the other off, instead of both, as well as getting some input that it's going to be better for the overall sound. And, we're doing more shows with a sound guy who runs our board in the back of the house. Together, this is a giant pain in the kiester.

The main problem is running instrument cables 50' or so, to and from two different pedals. That's 4 long runs of unbalanced cable, which is just begging for the Spinal Tap airport show moment, or at least just a lot of noise. Even DI boxes wouldn't help much - we'd have to get 4 of them, because of our signal path: the receivers for the wireless mics are in the back of the house with the rest of the board.

Is this making sense? Is there a simple solution I'm missing? Or even a mildly complicated one?

- Jeremy
Similar Jones
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Re: Octaver usage in live shows: cabling annoyance

Postby chadberg » Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:45 pm

Wondering if you could run a second small mixer at the front for those pedals, and send a single run back to the main board....

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Re: Octaver usage in live shows: cabling annoyance

Postby mikex » Tue Dec 10, 2013 10:32 pm

Put the mic receivers on stage, split at the receiver into two channels.. One to mixer direct, the other to your pedal then to mixer. Problem solved.

Also this is an old thread... Sorry.

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