Fishing for a prof for a means to Buy mt 2k19

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Fishing for a prof for a means to Buy mt 2k19

Postby yuandanzou » Sat Mar 23, 2019 11:19 pm

Additionally Chris Metzen wasnt the guy who made the many of WoW lore, thats a straight up bullshit Metzen drones are parroting about, he became the Lore Director in late TBC beta and even then he wasnt accountable for all lore but just for the primary story regarding certain characters such as Illidan/LK/Deathwing/Thrall in expansions as there were atleast 5-8 individuals working on lore during development.

Fishing question: The answer would be untrue, fishing was added because programmer's girlfriend asked him to add a fishing for a prof for a means to Buy mt 2k19 waste time prior to raid/WoW Classic, the programmer turned it into a minigame therefore it wouldnt be so dull, later on recipes seeing fish were slowly added into other profs, it had nothing to do with Blizzard being fearful of WoW Classic Gold farmers since WoW Classic Gold farmers werent even a significant problem in vanilla, it just became a known term and a difficulty in TBC.

This archetype is only open to true big men, meaning you must pick a power forward or center in order to be a true master of the glass. I find this somewhat unusual as a few guards, specifically Russell Westbrook, are much better rebounders compared to many of the big men in the NBA today. If you would like to make sure 2nd chance scoring opportunities for your team, while also denying these chances for competitions, this is a good route to pick.


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