tell us your story...or we'll give you a topic!

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tell us your story...or we'll give you a topic!

Postby AMalkoff » Sun Jul 10, 2005 7:19 am

Hi All:

If a topic here can get 600+ hits and lots of replies, we know that there's at least a few writers among you that would like to have your writing and involvement seen by a substantial international readership! There's so much enthusiasm and involvement here at RARB, and we want you all to be part of the new CASA site. Tell us your story, or write a story on a topic from our growing list of interesting ideas. High school, college, pro, barbershop, pop, jazz...anything that's a cappella.

The new CASA online site is about to launch, and it looks AMAZING. It does and has so much, you won't believe it! You can put up profiles of yourself and your group, e-mail each other though the site, have discussions, listen to audio and watch video, read all the news...that's just the beginning!

If you'd like a sneak peek at the site and you're interested in being part of it, write to me at and I'll send you the link.

Get in touch and get involved!

-Amy Malkoff
CASA editor-in-chief
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