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Bass Vocal Range... suggested exercises?

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2007 9:45 am
by Jesus
I was wondering if anyone has experience with techniques/exercises to lower the bass range? In my time singing with SympVibes I've managed to drop my range pretty noticably just by singing low, but it's taken me a couple years to drop a whole step+ (from a solid D w/ the occasional C# to a solid C natural and a B in the mornings...curiously, that's about where my range was when I started singing in high school, and I progressively lost my lower range singing choral music until I got into a cappella), and I keep thinking there must be a more directed way to do this.

Thanks =)

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2007 12:19 pm
by NasonW
After studying vocal performance and singing a cappella as a bass for 5 years, I hate to be the one to tell you that it seems like you're doing everything possible already to attempt to lower your register. Unfortunately, in my opinion, having a lower register is more about your anatomy and less about what vocalises you practice every day. You said you used to have a lower range before starting choral singing in high school, and now you've about gotten back to that point .. it seems to me that not having the appropriate anatomy will do just that: you may be able to adjust your range by a whole step, but not likely any more than that.

There is a plus side to this, though: Having a low C is great! I know of a lot of groups whose guys singing bass are just baritones with the ability to sing a little lower than the other baritones in the group, but that's really what they are: baritones. If you've got a strong, solid, audible C without any grumble that you can maintain, I'd say you're doing pretty well.

One point about vocal health, though ... you also mentioned that you have a low B in the mornings. I'd warn you against exploiting that too much; it's very unhealthy to sing rigorously on an unwarmed voice in that extreme register! It's fun to impress your friends, and pretend you're someone else on the phone at times, but .. I would try not singing too heavily really early in the morning unless you've had some solid time warming it up first.. your group needs your low C healthy, not your low B once in a while cuz you've shot your voice!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2007 8:28 am
by AVModelCadet
Start smoking.

I prefer Dunhill Blues.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2007 12:15 pm
by Tom C
I would also just mention, its not uncommon for men to bottom-out post puberty, then get progressively higher through your late teens and 20's as you grow into your 'natural range'

Re: Bass Vocal Range... suggested exercises?

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Re: Bass Vocal Range... suggested exercises?

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