iPad apps for a cappella group

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iPad apps for a cappella group

Postby O. Stian » Fri Mar 18, 2011 5:50 am

Does anyone have any experience to share from using the iPad in an a cappella group?

We are an eight man a cappella group that would like to get some ideas for iPad apps that will be useful when learning new songs. Ideally, we would like to be able to import a Finale file (or similar, i.e. MIDI), turn that file into a score (that looks like a PDF file), have the app play (alongside the score) the different voices (and be able to select one voice to play louder than the rest), and take notes on the score.

We have had a look at (but not yet tried) some apps…:
- We like the simple user interface of forScore (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/forscore/id363738376?mt=8#)
- We like the possibility to take notes/draw on the sheet in PDF Sheet Music Reader (http://www.noteloop.com/studios/pdf-sheet-music-reader/)
- We like the possibility to import MIDI files, turn it into sheet music and adjust each track when playing back in Sheet Music Live (http://interactiveblueprints.com/wp/)

…but we don’t seem to find a single app to offer all functionality in one. Any suggestions?

Also, any suggestions for apps for recording and creating music are very welcome!
O. Stian
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Re: iPad apps for a cappella group

Postby davegrossman » Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:46 am

It'd be great if this actually existed, but I'm pretty sure that it doesn't. ForScore REALLY is a great program though, if you get into it and make use of all the things it can do. I've been leading rehearsals from that app for a couple of months now, and a few guys in Ithacappella have been reading from their own ipads (and I can easily share the score over bluetooth!).

Out of curiosity--why are you necessarily looking to use iPads for this as opposed to actual computers? It's pretty easy to make 'learning tracks' on Finale or to hook up a computer to some speakers in a rehearsal, so I'm just wondering why the iPad is necessary. Of course, if you tell me that you got your student government to buy your whole group iPads, I will bow down to you and ask you to teach me your ways.

Dave Grossman Music Director, Ithaca College's Ithacappella

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Re: iPad apps for a cappella group

Postby waitingforjune » Sat Mar 19, 2011 2:27 pm

I've been extremely interested in something similar for 8 Beat, but haven't heard of anything. Anyone else out there with programming background want to collaborate on an iOS app for a cappella? My background is mostly in Java and Ruby, but I've been meaning to learn iOS programming for a long time.

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Re: iPad apps for a cappella group

Postby O. Stian » Sat Mar 19, 2011 11:03 pm

@davegrossman, thanks for the feedback. We will definitely try out forScore!
When it comes to why we want to use the iPad... Well, we have been using PCs, MP3 players etc. for years, but we find it a little cumbersome to use. We have been making a separate MP3 ‘learning tracks’ for each voice with one voice in the left speaker and the rest of the voices in the right speaker. That way it is easy to choose either to hear all voices at the same time, hear only your own voice, or turn down you own voice and sing it along with the rest of the voices. It has been very effective, but it is a lot of work for the one person that make these MP3 files. He have to create eight different recordings/MP3s - thus the wish to be able to just import the Finale/MIDI file to allow each one to adjust the volumes and speed. Distribution is now a lot easier with Dropbox (used to burn CDs), but it is a little unpractical to bring with you your PC and score all the time. We are all family guys with busy schedules and have to use time in between everything else for practicing new songs. Some of us use the iPhone to listen to the MP3s (downloaded via Dropbox), but the screen is too small to effectively read the score, thus you will have to always remember to bring with you the score on paper. With the iPad you will always have all your scores in one place.
All in all, the one reason for using the iPad is that we believe the form factor will make everything a little more convenient, and fortunately, we make enough money from public and private concerts to be able to buy the iPads (we are not students anymore so no grants are coming our way).

@waitingforjune, I’m not a developer, so I’m unable to help you with your iOS app…
O. Stian
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Re: iPad apps for a cappella group

Postby billhare » Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:32 am

The iPad is such a great and obvious medium for this, I'd bet dollars to donuts that the people who make Finale, Sibelius, et al are working on iPad versions right now - they'd be dumb to let someone else develop a reader. This is something that's not just A Cappella - many people are using iPads in bands, orchestra pits, etc - a Bluetooth foot pedal is available to turn pages, which is great for a pianist/violinist/whatever to not have to turn a page (especially with a bow in hand)!


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Re: iPad apps for a cappella group

Postby Qusuierrv » Fri Mar 29, 2019 7:59 am

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Re: iPad apps for a cappella group

Postby GaryMiller » Sat May 11, 2019 9:10 am

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