Audition Announcement: St. Louis Group needs new Lead Tenor

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Audition Announcement: St. Louis Group needs new Lead Tenor

Postby chordringer » Wed Jul 30, 2003 7:18 am

Lead Tenor Vocalist Needed For 4 Man A Cappella Group in St. Louis, MO

4 Man A Cappella group based in St. Louis, MO is now auditioning for a
new lead vocalist to replace our current lead who will be leaving the
group late this fall due to family expansion.

What we're about
We are a young group (average 25 years old) that has been singing for
about 12 months together. We just replaced our former tenor with a new
tenor, and having a new lead will allow us to kind of just reboot and
reestablish our sound and learn new repertoire, etc. So, if you're
looking for a ground floor opportunity to kickstart something with an
established solid sound, then this is your chance.

We love to perform, but have spent most of this past year learning
repertoire and focusing on competition through the Barbershop Harmony
Society. We enjoy enjoy singing a variety of styles including,
barbershop, jazz, doo wop, gospel, etc. Bottomline goal is be an
entertaining group that sounds AWESOME and competes in singing
competition both (SPEBSQSA and Harmony Sweepstakes in future).

Sorry about the vagueness of the group name, etc. Will provide further information to all who are interested in auditioning!!

About You

What we're looking for:

- Is 18 to 30 years old
- 1+ years of a cappella singing experience
- Good ear; strong tuning abilities
- Musically adept (can read music fairly well, decent music theory
- Strong stage presence (visually expressive)
- Theatrical experience a strong plus
- Wide range (minimum: effortless Low Bb to High Ab/A (+5th/6th above
middle C))
- Excellent Breath Support
- Is Creative
- Can commit to rehearsal schedule (1 rehearsal during the week
- Is Competitive and always looking to improve
- Is Coachable
- Enjoys performing
- Likes making money
- Enjoys a WIDE range of music and vocal harmony
- Is/Was Vocal Performance Major - MAJOR plus!!!!!!!!!
- Lives in or around the St. Louis area (or will be moving to area)

Audition Information
If you meet any and/or all of the qualities we're looking for, please
email me directly to get more information on the audition process,

We want to have our new lead lined up by November and ready to start
rehearsing with us by January of 2004.

Auditions will be held over the next several weeks (Deadline for
audition request is September 30th!!!). We welcome all interested



chordringer @ yahoo . com (no spaces)


We're looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Jason Portell
St. Louis, MO

Song is a tool of expression and a window to the soul.
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