Audition in Ventura, California, new choir!

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Audition in Ventura, California, new choir!

Postby glennster » Sat May 19, 2012 7:33 am

Hi, I'm Glenn Turner
I'm a choir director looking for my choir.
Do you like choral music? I love all kinds--Jazz, gospel, hymns, classical, folk, I love it all. There's nothing like the sound of a good
choir. The human voice is so flexible and expressive. In fact, I'm a creative person and appreciate expressions of beauty.
I'm offering my services as a choir director or singing teacher. Please contact me.
I want to invite singers to join me in a chorale I want to start. We will sing some acappella and some songs accompanied by myself on classical guitar. I do not want to interfere with your existing choir rehearsals and activities.
I want to give people singing lessons. All they need is an ability to carry a tune and an eagerness to learn. When learning a song, the singer must study each syllable to get the sound correct.
The audition process is fairly simple.
I've sung in many choirs. For years I have had a burning desire to be a choir director and teach singing.
Now I’m telling the universe!

I'm planning to start a choir of my own--The Glenn Turner Chorale. I'm using my name not out of vanity, but in order to maintain
artistic control. (Might change the name later.) Anyway, I think Ventura County can always use another great choir!

I'm starting to write lesson plans for each choir meeting. There is a lot of music available. I can get the music for anything we choose
to sing--madrigals, jazz, spirituals, pop.

I'm ready to show singers how to sound great. It's amazing how a few singing lessons can improve an average singers' sound. I’m
here to provide a service to people.

Audiences are going to love my choir, you’ll see. I’ll prove it.
Now I'm looking for singers! We’ll need a place to practice, but we can meet at my house if necessary. I want about 24 singers who
can hold a harmony. We’ll be singing all over town. I will prefer the "unplugged" sound, no amplifiers or microphones.
If you are interested, or if you know someone who might be, contact me. See my web site for more info.

Call 805 368-0919

Web site

'bye for now,
Glenn Turner

== Gotta Sing! ==

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