#PPIRL: Pitch Perfect - In Real Life

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#PPIRL: Pitch Perfect - In Real Life

Postby mhartshorn » Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:59 pm

Check out the event on Facebook!
OR check out my vision for it here.

----UPDATE 8/30/12----

This event is on! However, there are a few changes. . .

1. It will not be a midnight showing of the movie. We will pick a showtime later on in the evening of opening day. This will encourage more groups to participate and be reasonable with their hectic college schedules AND increase the amount of non-a cappella people that see all of these groups that do decide to participate.

2. We will decide a final showtime (the one down below is arbitrary) AND decide on the best theater to go to! (So if any of you have an "in" at a local theater let me know and we'll see if it works for all of us)

3. Please keep telling your friends, families, neighbors, etc.!


I thought this might be an awesome idea for a cappella groups around the nation.

I think it would be awesome if we could form a "Pitch-Perfect-midnight-premiere-viewing-party" group. Get in contact with local a cappella groups, meet up at one of the local movie theaters, perform for those waiting in line, and then see an a cappella movie afterwards together. Use this as an opportunity to connect with other local groups (networking) and to spread the awesomeness of a cappella (marketing).

If you do decide to see the movie, meet up with your group, whatever, would you mind using the hashtag #PPIRL? It would be awesome to get that hashtag to go viral - use it in Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Let's spread the word that there is AWESOME a cappella talent IN REAL LIFE!!

P.S. Hopefully all of you read the book before....seriously though, it is based off of the book (or loosely based). http://www.amazon.com/Pitch-Perfect-Quest-Collegiate-Cappella/dp/159240376X
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