AUDITIONS - vocalFISSION, Chicago area a cappella group

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AUDITIONS - vocalFISSION, Chicago area a cappella group

Postby musicjunkieg » Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:27 pm

Vocal(adj.): rendered by or intended for singing:

Fission(n): /ˈfɪʃ(ə)n/: division or splitting into two or more parts

vocalFISSION: A contemporary, all male a cappella group focused on the beauty of harmony in an innovative and awe-inspiring way, believing that each song is capable of infinite fission; that is, a never-ending number of discrete and independent versions, each inspiring listeners in a different way. vocalFISSION aims to capture that moment you have when you hear a cover of a song and suddenly realize you prefer it to the "original," thereby making the cover the new original.
vocalFISSION's influences include Take 6, SONOS, Duwende, Pentatonix, Straight No Chaser, the Hyannis Sound, and more. Currently, the group consists of its three founders, Bryan Guffey, Ian Molitor, and Brandon Rudloph, all accomplished singers and performers with backgrounds in a cappella.

We’re looking for guys between the ages of 21 and 40(isn) who love music of all genres, are willing to take risks, have a varied vocal background that hopefully includes some a cappella, are talented, dedicated workers, who want to perform and gig around in the Greater Chicagoland area(and maybe farther) on a part-time basis and, generally, want to ahve an awesome, kick-ass time while making amazing music!


VOCOMOTION Studios, 8800 Bronx Ave, Skokie, IL

Auditions: Oct 13th, 1PM - 5PM, Oct 14th, 1PM - 5PM
Callbacks: Oct 21st, 2Pm - 5PM

We need all vocal parts, but we are specifically looking for the below to fill some holes in the current lineup:

- A couple super-solid basses. This should be where you live, and where you feel the most comfortable being.
- A killer vocal percussionist. Or two! We won't complain!
- Folks who arrange, a cappella, or not, but arranging for voices.

Prepare a song a cappella that shows of your range and abilities, no longer than two minutes. Be prepared for us to run you through some vocal exercises as well. You will also be provided with a simple song to prepare to sing with the group.

To sign up to audition, email For more info about the group, feel free to email

Bryan Guffey Singer, Technologist, Dreamer, soon-to-be podcast creator and host!

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