CASA Expands Board Changes: Alexander Named Director of Deve

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CASA Expands Board Changes: Alexander Named Director of Deve

Postby Amy Malkoff » Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:19 am

Changes are certainly afoot throughout CASA, and we couldn't be more thrilled about them!

As previously mentioned, Julia Hoffman will be stepping down as President of CASA, with her position being filled by Tom Anderson. And Amanda Aldag, who currently serves as the Vice President of CASA, will be making her interim position as Director of Events permanent, thus allowing former Director of Development Greg Rubin to take over as Vice President.

CASA is also pleased to announced that Meg Alexander, who spear-headed the production of CASA's first Boston Sings (BOSS) festival, will be joining the board as Director of Development. Alexander, who is a graduate of Syracuse University and an alumna of The Mandarins, will also serve as the Event Development Director of the CASA Core Events Team. Alexander will help develop and evaluate programs, along with training new executive producers (EPs) for CASA festivals and events.

"I am thrilled to join the CASA board as Director of Development," says Alexander. My experience with CASA's events team has given me the opportunity to work with many of our constituents and to learn about the diverse needs of vocalists worldwide. I am excited to be able to create new initiatives to support these constituents and to be able to build this community."

Alexander adds that she would like to hear from CASA members and the rest of the a cappella community in order to continue to improve and evolve the organization and her role within it. Her email address is

Steve Ryan, who was previously the Treasurer of CASA, will also be making a change. Ryan will join Danny Ozment as a CASA Member at Large, a position in which he will represent the greater membership of CASA. Ryan, a graduate of Georgia Tech and and an alumnus of the Sympathetic Vibrations, currently attends Emory University as a graduate student and sings with Georgia group Catatonic. He also represents Georgia as the state's CASA Ambassador, focusing on the Metro-Atlanta area.

Ryan says that being a Member at Large frees him up to hover among different projects the board is tackling. He'll be available to freelance and work on "whatever new projects or challenges arise," he says.

"I'm defintely looking forward to it. I always enjoy a change of pace and some new challenges," Ryan says.

With Ryan's change in position, CASA will be on the hunt for the perfect treasurer.

"We're going to be making a dedicated search for a treasurer with some real-world experience in accounting and bookkeeping, ideally in the nonprofit world," Ryan says.

If you feel like you could fill this position, please email for more information.

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