Denver: 5280 A Cappella is auditioning Baritones

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Denver: 5280 A Cappella is auditioning Baritones

Postby mdrc » Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:20 am

5280 A Cappella, an 8-year-mixed Colorado septet with VP, seeks a talented baritone to fill out our sound. Our repertoire includes: aka-classics and American standards, contemporary rock, folk, country, gospel, pop, jazz and world music. This is a really cool group of musicians who are very supportive of each other and are excited at the possibilities with our current lineup! But we're missing that one final piece of the puzzle: baritonality!
In this group you will need to be able to:
-read music
-hold down your own part, in tune, sometimes in a very tight harmony, approximately from E to shining E!
-solo well on leads that are appealing to you
-blend with straight-tone when singing a background line
-cover occasional baselines
-own and/or be willing to purchase the equivalent of a Shure 58 or better, mic, straight up and down stand and a 30 ft cord to plug into mixer to use at weekly practices
-using mic techniques to adjust your sound
-attend once a week practices on a Tuesday night from 6-9pm in North Denver
-take direction with little drama

If you can do all these things and could tolerate 6 new worshipers, please audition! If you don't have all of the above down already but have most, and think you could grasp the rest in short order, we would still love to hear you!
Please contact: Michelle at (303) 455-6486 and leave a message for a pre-audition on the phone as a preliminary step in the process.

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