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Postby Chris » Thu Feb 03, 2005 4:17 pm

rebecca wrote:4. Yes, I do get a big share of the good stuff. That's what 10 years of seniority in a volunteer group gets you.

Just to clarify- Rebecca's getting better-than-the-average-album-sent-to-RARB (can I really hyphenate that ridiculously?) does not imply favoritism towards seniority when assigning albums. Albums from groups who have sent albums before are sent to the two reviewers who have reviewed more of their previous albums (this is a slight simplification) and to a reviewer who hasn't reviewed any of their previous albums.

If you assume that a great group has a better chance of surviving over the years than a crappy one, and that a great group has a better chance of getting a positive review which would lead them to submit future albums in hopes of more positive reviews, you could posit (oo, I've never actually used that word) that repeat submissions will on average be better than first submissions. Since Rebecca's been around so long, she is more likely to get more repeat submissions than someone who just joined up.

Does that make sense? I often wish I had Seth's ability to write more succinctly and clearly...

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Postby autumnshades » Thu Feb 03, 2005 5:36 pm

rebecca wrote:after I graduated from undergrad I wrote for newspapers in North Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia and Oregon as I bounced around the biz.

cool stuff - sounds like you've had a lot of varied opportunities.... must've been interesting times, bouncin' around the biz! :)
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Postby Nick Lyons » Sat Feb 05, 2005 10:59 am

I think the wonderful thing about RARB is that the reviewers do things differently. Rebecca may review an album from a technical standpoint whereas, Minkoff's review may come from a more aesthetic viewpoint. Yes, it is frustrating at times, both as the reader, and as the group being reviewed.

I will agree... Rebecca's review seems to contradict itself. And, I know that normally, Rebecca seems to contradict HERself but, I feel that the words are somewhat misinterpreted and therefore, we all read the worst.

Ever tried to have an argument over the internet? Yeah, it's horrible...

Also, I hate the use of "..." in anything I read. It basically says that, in a sentence where I say "I hate that I'm so in love with you." can be interpreted as "I hate... you." Not a big fan of that one.

Rebecca is great at starting her articles off with something positive. I feel that reflects less her ability as a writer, and more her ability as a coach. She sets the tone and draws the reader in. After reading "Brilliant album from Staticflow," all proceeding words took on a new light. Her comments were less of a criticism and more of a frustration. She loved the album and hopes to hear more of them in the future.

Also, as a final statement, all the reviewers have email addresses. I have a feeling that normally, Rebecca may not have been so inclined to respond but, was almost forced to do so in an effort to "enlighten" the crowds. If you have an issue or question for a reviewer, as Rebecca said, having a fan club is great. But again, we will all, most likely, read on the negative side of things in written word. Just keep that in mind before you start "throwing stones." Sometimes skipping stones across a pond can look like throwing rocks at the fish...

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Postby sdargie » Sat Feb 05, 2005 11:15 am

WareHauser wrote:Sometimes skipping stones across a pond can look like throwing rocks at the fish...

That's my new favorite saying.
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Postby nuzzle77 » Thu Feb 10, 2005 10:50 am

Um...I guess this is an awkward topic I'll just go for it:

Staticflow has an exclusive offer for RARB forum members to get the EP for only $7. If you are interested. Simply go to...

The offer is good for only two weeks, so if you want a copy of the CD, get it soon and save some dough. Thanks!
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Sorry to resurrect ;)

Postby sparkleytone » Mon Feb 28, 2005 11:38 am

An experience this past weekend really illuminated to me the respect I have for Rebecca as a reviewer. In her review of the StaticFlow EP, she sacrifices neither her integrity as a reviewer nor the impartiality expected of an album review.

I watched a group get robbed of a possible 2nd place and a definite 3rd placing at a competition this past weekend. The reason they were robbed was due to two-fold bias. The first mainly to their choice of repertoire. It wasn't what they wanted to hear, and they thinly veiled that fact. They had no criticism for this group other than 'I wish you had more diversity'. Mind you, the two song set they performed consisted of the following: A slow, quiet, reflective, beautiful melancholy song and a faster, hard hitting, loud, in your face song. The fact that they have stepped completely outside the paradigm of what a group of their 'type' of group performs was totally lost on them. The second bias was a bias towards the origin of certain groups participating...a bias that one judge literally admitted when critiquing groups (The groups were critiqued by 3 judges post-performance á la American Idol).

What these judges failed to accomplish is something that Rebecca succeeds with in the review of StaticFlow and many others. I expect any reviewer and any musician to have an open mind and ear when judging an album or performance. I expect that someone can put away their preferred genres and listen to the music without being inside the box of 'whats been done before'. Great musicians appreciate music from all genres, even if they don't like it. Even Justin Timberlake 'gets' that Coldplay is a significant, great band. I expect any person who calls themself a musician to be in awe of a Denyce Graves recital as much as a Guster concert. Rebecca shows that, even if she doesn't particularly like a style, timbre, texture, etc, she can appreciate and judge it for the art that it is or is not.

From Rebecca's review of Ensemble Amarcord's latest:

As it happens, this is a classical album. But the skills that make it so good are universal.

All 5's. I saw Ensemble Amarcord Friday night, and they are PHENOMENAL. Bash her all you want, but you make yourself look stupid. Rebecca Christie 'gets it'.
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Re: Sorry to resurrect ;)

Postby tekay » Mon Feb 28, 2005 3:44 pm

which competition was it (as there were at least two that I know of in North Carolina this past weekend)?


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Re: Sorry to resurrect ;)

Postby sparkleytone » Mon Feb 28, 2005 10:34 pm

tekay wrote:which competition was it (as there were at least two that I know of in North Carolina this past weekend)?


IM me ... brentlitfires :)
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Postby rebecca » Tue Mar 01, 2005 3:03 pm

Thanks very much for the kind words.

While we're handing out love, I saw the King's Singers a couple weeks ago. They were terrific - sang a great program of "hard" pieces and audience pleasers. Miking was great too - the classical stuff sounded so natural, while the beatles covers got help in the right places.

Happy March everyone. Keep reading.

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