Cape Standard Time - Hyannis Sound

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Cape Standard Time - Hyannis Sound

Postby phollens » Sun Oct 05, 2003 2:10 pm

After reading Cape Cod's finest A cappella group's review I wanted to throw in my own two cents. I know the back and forth arguement of Studio vs Live cuts is in play here, but after hearing these boys rock the house live twice this summer, and owning their last 3 discs...I have to say I havent seen a professional group as polished as these boys.

It's gutsy to have an album with half studio and half live cuts, but Hyannis Sound pulls it off hands down. Although scoring is impossible to argue, this disc is a must have and I strongly encourage any fellow aca-nerd to go out and pick this one up. Every solo on the CD is rock solid and the arrangements are off this hizzy ;)

I agree with the reviewers on at least one thing though, their next album is a must have and will be even better. If you have an opportunity to see these boys next summer and are in the New England area, their worth the drive.


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Studio vs Live tracks

Postby lebonk5 » Tue Oct 07, 2003 10:44 am

OH MAN!!!! I just wrote this, hit submit...and my screen pooped out. I have to rewrite this whole darn thing!!!!!OK...regroup....happy thoughts.....puppies ...

I was a member of the HS for 96,97,98,99. I was also business manager of the group for 2 summers. That being said, everthing laid out below is based on my personal thoughts and opinions. This is in no way an official response of the Hyannis Sound.

I just wanted to take a second (or hour) to share some of the reasoning on why our albums have previously been released with both live and studio tracks.

1) Audience. The HS is lucky enough to perform on Cape Cod, the greatest place on earth. The audience is incredibly supportive and a large group of them become like a second family to all of the HS. Many people come to see as many as 3 shows a week, for 10 straight weeks. This relationship results in an intimacy and energy that I have never experienced elsewhere. These "family members" and the group glide through the summer months together, feeding off each other from one show to the next. The rest of the audience is filled with vacationers that have heard about the HS through word of mouth.

These are the people we market our CDs to. They are buying these CDs for a souvenir of their summer, not the booming base and authentic snare. That stuff is just done so we can feel cool.

Having live tracks on these albums almost includes the audience in the effort. The warmth and chatter help them remember the evening, or summer with the HS. When they hear laughs at a certain point, they can picture that funny thing Fozz always does in the the 3rd verse. Yes, this can be annoying to someone who has never seen the group live, I admit. But..this is one of the reasons for the L-Ys and Lonely Goatherd appearing on past CDs.

2) Time. The HS is only together for 3 months a year. It is not unusual for the new group to assemble at the beginning of June with 70-90 gigs already booked for the coming months. Because of this schedule, they can usually only alot for 4-5 days of recording at the end of the summer before everyone heads back to school, or like Dylan, the nursing home. We have found that this only allows for about 5 studio tracks before you have to start cutting corners, and we wanted to avoid that.

3) Moolah. The HS is a non-profit. All money earned is re-invested in the group or payed out the guys for their hard working summer.Because of the demanding schedule, the members are not allowed to have another job. This is their only source of summer income. Unlike most college groups, any recording expenses are essentially coming out of the guys pay. One or two extra studio tunes could result in a Spring break in Buffalo (sorry Rellz) instead of Cancun. This is not something that usually stops them from doing anything...but something that is a reality and has to be considered.

We have found that it is financially feasible to record a CD every 2 years or so. We usually package 2 years of studio tracks with our favorite, warmest live tracks....and there you have it.

Above is a summary of how we did it in the old days. It's my understanding that the current group is going to try and change things in the future, and I applaud them for their ambition, given the challenges laid out above.

THis is in no way a defensive response to the reviews on RARB. I would like to point out that I agree with and respect most of the criticism. I just felt as though I would try to provide an answer to a queston that has been raised by every reviewer on our last 3 albums.

RARB is here to review CDs, and they have done that fairly. Thank you to RARB for this service that they provide to the acappella community. Reality is never equal to self perception, and this is an avenue for many groups to utilize unbiased criticism in an effort to improve and excel.

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oh mike

Postby groundrounder » Sat Oct 18, 2003 12:18 pm

Mike Leblanc you are the man. Ladies, you should hear this gentleman sing:
I would recommend: When Doves Cry
Heaven on their minds
I Will Remember You
Listen to the Music
Why Should I Cry For You

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