No Strings Attached - One Night Stand

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No Strings Attached - One Night Stand

Postby csundlof » Fri Nov 14, 2003 4:52 pm

Greetings All A Cappella Fanatics and Closet Fanatics!

Hopefully, some or most of you may have had the opportunity to check out No Strings Attached’s review of our latest CD: One Night Stand. We were very pleased to have such great suggestions for our first CD submission to RARB.

Unfortunately, the last two reviews seemed to focus on:

Mark Manley - RARB wrote:...the main reason not to buy this disc....

Hopefully we will be able to convince you to decide for yourselves!

NSA is a vocal jazz group. Once a long time ago, someone tried very very hard to make us a pop group, the remnants of which can be found on our latest album. Pop tunes are kept purely for the purpose of enhancing the variety of repertoire and displaying the versatility of our group. A purely jazz ensemble would appeal to a smaller audience than would fill a theater at the University of Illinois. In maintaining a varied repertoire, NSA tries to expand that small faction of musical taste to reach a larger target audience. However, I assure you the quality of sound remains consistent even if the pop arrangements are a bit easier harmonically.

Because we are a group committed to expanding our own musical ears and not just geared toward performance, as many groups in the college scene are, we chose professional arrangements. Many of our arrangements are originals, but when we like what we hear we may snatch it up and try it out for ourselves! As Elie Landau puts it:

Elie Landau - RARB wrote:“You try it." This material is as hard as it gets...

Of course you could just go out and buy a Real Group CD, but you also could just go out and buy a lot of the pop CDs that other a cappella groups cover. We all know for a fact that that is not what collegiate a cappella is all about.

I rarely post and I applaud those who took the time to read my words. I would, however, like to say thank you to RARB for your encouragement and suggestions! Many opinions for improvement were mirrored on our end and we look forward to submitting our next album!

Check out our site to hear clips and maybe NSA would entice you enough to sample our learning experiences.

Carolyn Sundlof
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Postby Chris -- Shir Appeal » Sat Nov 15, 2003 1:04 am

I rarely post to merely laud the post of another, but here it is:

Well said!

Chris Cifrino
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Chris -- Shir Appeal
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