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InToneNation review

Postby sahjahpah » Thu Nov 30, 2006 6:44 am

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Minkoff, Landau, and Raschka for their really encouraging reviews. I thought all three of you were really on the mark about our strengths/weaknesses and you addressed them in genuinely constructive ways, which I really appreciate.

The arrangements on the album are, as you guys pointed out, relatively straightforward. The Chorallaries' arrangement from an alum of ours was a big boon in that sense, and we did try to complexify our arrangements here and there (something I tried to do especially with What's Golden), but I think a part of the whole equation is just experience and exposure to better arrangements. Until very recently, ITN more or less operated in a vacuum (of course, with exceptions), but I'd like to see that change as the group continues to engage the a cappella community and keeps learning.

What's Golden is a kickin' track with one of the most believable raps I've heard on any a cappella release. Age be damned, no producer can give you that feel if you didn't already bring it. And Samir Paul brings it.

Thanks so much for the kind words about Nathan's voice and--especially exciting to a dork like me--my rapping skills. Many people don't know this about my Computer Programming, suburbian Indian self, but I spit fire.

It's really great to hear this level of a cappella from a high school group. I'm definitely interested in their individual collegiate a cappella involvements.

WELL, since you asked...
We graduated six seniors last spring when this album came out. The ones singing in college are...
Nathan Blustein (B1) - a small vocal jazz group at IU School of Music
Jody Pollock (A) - The PennyLoafers of Penn
Linden Vongsathorn (S) - The Dartmouth Decibelles
and me, with the Harvard LowKeys.

I recall that in the liner notes of Next, the Bubs talked about how they were taking their place in the "continuum" of the group. That's my hope for this album--that the next one will be another bold step forward in the things our group still has to improve on.

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In response

Postby bates » Fri Dec 01, 2006 2:48 pm

Hey Samir.

I am still waiting for a chance to get a copy of this one. ^_^

Nicely done on the review. Let's have an ITN party!
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