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Dartmouth Aires & Chris Masone

Postby aballard » Wed Feb 26, 2003 6:59 am

I'm coming out of lurking for a moment here to say a couple things about the recently posted review of "Black Tie Affaire"

First of all, thanks for the wonderful review! I was fortunate enough to be involved in the production of BTA, even though my run with the Aires ended in early 2001 (I live in the area, so I like to keep up with my guys as much as possible....)

Second, I feel it's imperative to give a HUGE shout out to the guy who was truly the real driving force behind the album: Chris "Dizno" Masone. As Hanna mentioned in her review, Black Tie Affaire was recorded entirely in BritTrax, which is a tiny, stinky, overly hot little basement of a studio in the music dept. at Dartmouth. Diz took on the enormous task of recording and editing BTA at BritTrax -- I asked him how much time he personally spent down in that studio, recording and rerecording and editing and re-editing track after track after track of vocals. I believe his answer lay somewhere around 1000 hours.... I'm guessing the final figure is a good deal more than that. And that was BEFORE taking it down to Boston for mixing/mastering.

Without the Diz, I guarantee that Black Tie Affaire would not be the album it is. Actually, if it weren't for his work, the album would probably still be in production today. The man was tireless in his efforts, and he deserves some praise!

Oh yeah: he also did most of the album's VP, and he's GOOD.

Don't know if you read these boards, Diz, but sweeeeeeeeeeet work.

Thanks again RARB! This is such a great site and has really helped the Aires in improving the quality of their recordings. I'm sure you'll get another submission from the group in about 2 years.....

-Adam "oDo" Ballard
(Dartmouth Aires, 1997-2001)
Adam Ballard
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Postby Chris -- Shir Appeal » Wed Feb 26, 2003 9:05 am

First, nice work! If the BOCA track (one of my favorites) is any indication, the review is well-deserved.

Out of curiousity, where did you take it in Boston to do mixing and mastering?
Chris Cifrino
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Black Tie Affaire

Postby cmasone » Wed Feb 26, 2003 10:53 am

Hey, Chris...This is the above-mentioned Chris Masone. We have a pretty personal relationship with our engineer, so I'd rather not talk about him in this forum, but if you want to e-mail me at false@dartmouth.edu, I'd be more than happy to tell you anything you want to know:-)

And thanks for the kudos...your BOCA track makes me tingle;-)

-Chris Masone
Dartmouth Aires '99-'03
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aires and shir appeal love..how cute

Postby appealalum » Wed Feb 26, 2003 3:46 pm

Had to say hi. Aires and Shir Appeal complimenting each other..new thing? Nope.

Evan "Demo" Rieder and I are good friends from high school. We've gotten to watch each group grow during our four years in them, and even now.

Adam, you always were the man both talent wise, and when you let me pass out on your floor drunk at Dartmouth circa 1999. Ahh, the a capella memories.

Heck, even last year I got to host the current Aires out here in St. Louis when in town at WashU. Two of the boys even made it East side for a booze run. It's ironically the 4th Aires party I've attended, let alone jumped from that house on the river at dartmouth during alumni weekend in 1997. I can't seem to escape you guys.

Can't wait to hear black tie affair for myself.

favorite a capella track ever: Steam (oDo, at your best).
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Postby gmwhitley » Wed Feb 26, 2003 6:41 pm

evan reider! appealalum put me back in touch!

we met when the aires visited the sirens and he sang a sultry father figure.

we emailed a bit, and he sent me a postcard from nepal while he was there. then we sort of lost touch after he got back.

put me back in touch!!!

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Postby sgranor » Wed Feb 26, 2003 11:24 pm

My god. Only 105 registered users here and another one went to my high school?

To clarify, I went to the same high school as Evan Rieder (although, he graduated the year before I started there), so I have to assume from the above post that appealalum also went to my high school. Small world.

Incidentally, my first exposure to a cappella was a visit to my high school by the Aires back in '99.
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Postby bino » Mon Jun 30, 2003 11:52 pm

That Evan Rieder kid just never goes away. I went to HS with him too. Or wait, was that college? I can't remember. He sure is sexy though. Put me back in touch with him too!

Seriously though, kudos once again to Dizno Masone for all his hard (really really hard) work on Black Tie Affaire. I think it almost drove him insane, but the final product was so utterly worth it. And nice work to all the other boys on the album as well. I was listening to it once again in the car today, and I keep finding new things to be impressed by.

And (incidentally) Sgranor, I was in on the Aires concert in '99 that first exposed you to a cappella, so again, small world. :-)
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Black Tie

Postby phollens » Tue Jul 01, 2003 3:01 pm


Even though I hate to admit it because Bradford got us OTR boyz sick of hearing Aires this and aires that your last CD was amazing. And it's def. my top 3 fav acappella cd's I own. Props to a well sung album. Hope to hear you guys live next year when we do our east coast trip.

All the best,
"No one can arrive from being talented alone. God gives talent; work transforms talent into genius."
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