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Postby rebecca » Sat Mar 13, 2004 10:29 pm

So my younger brother is visiting this weekend, and he brought back the CDs he borrowed a couple months ago, including the last two Off the Beat albums. Nick generally has pretty good and wide-ranging taste in music. Also, he's way cooler than I am. Tangentially, he's unconnected with the a cappella world and hasn't been involved in musicmaking since he was a kid, whereas I spend most of my free time either singing, playing fiddle, or fraternizing with pros.

I found my brohter's reaction to these albums fascinating - he liked them, but in totally different ways than I do. There's been so much talk lately about reviewer perspective I thought I'd add his to the mix.

Nick thought "Overcome" was the best song on either Take One or More Screaming. He also liked Fear, because it builds, and Volcano Girls. And he mentioned "Heart-Shaped Box," because he liked the female solo, and "A Sorta Fairytale," because "you can't lose with Tori Amos." Oh, and he thought _More Screaming_ was the better album.

If you check the tape, you'll notice that I liked _Take One_ better. I thought "Crawling In The Dark" was the best song on either album, with "Bring Me To Life" a close second. I did sorta like "Fear" and "Volcano Girls", so we're not so far apart on that. But I don't even remember "Overcome", and Nick was quite taken with it.

Anybody else get a kick of throwing their favorite music at other folks and mining reaction? Do you think there's a difference in playing for the sophisticated non-musician vs. a fellow music-maker?
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Postby bstevens » Mon Mar 15, 2004 1:01 pm

A great topic and a great idea. From a previous relationship I have five years of reactions and anecdotes from a non-a cappella nerd to the music we breathe in and out, which I summarize as follows:

"Enh. Can't you listen to real music?"

This I hope is extreme (but cf. the "a cappellapologies" featured on many albums, e.g. the Blenders' "Oxapello"). In the interests of proving this thesis I am assigning homework:

1. Find a friend who is not an a cappella person.
2. Force him/her to listen to an a cappella album (perhaps something most of us have, e.g. the latest BOCA).
3. Get reactions.
4. Post reactions.
5. Make fun of reactions. (optional)

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