Review of The Magnets - Another Place

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Review of The Magnets - Another Place

Postby mikeymagnet » Tue Mar 16, 2004 6:20 am

To Eric, Dave and Jonathan,

I'm writing to convey our thanks for the wonderfully intelligent, entertaining and contradictory reviews of our album Another Place.

When we started to record this album we made a definite decision to move away from the MOR/boy band style of our first album, which had been largely a result of the influence of our former label EMI. Instead we aimed for what we hoped would be a mature, sophisticated style of song writing, with more innovative rhythmic patterns, structures, and lyrical ideas, influenced by dance music but retaining our penchant for strong melodies.

We knew that this would alienate some people (sorry Jonathan!) who prefer their pop pure and mainstream and loved our first release, but would win us fans amongst those who prefer music a little more leftfield and who found our first album, frankly, a tiny bit cheesy.

Your reviews beautifully cover the gamut of reactions we expected, and give us plenty of food for thought. However, given that this is our first self-produced release and cost a whole $150,000 less to record than EMI spent on the last one, we hope at least you'll agree we've provided better value for money spent!

Well done and keep it up fellas.

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Postby jskaroff » Fri Mar 19, 2004 12:48 pm


Just checked out the website, and I noticed there's no text link on the front page into the site. I don't have Flash installed in this browser so I couldn't get into your site at all without opening it up in IE.

Might want to mention to your web designer something about adding a link to skip the intro.

Congrats on the album!

And don't worry, Jonathan has, let's just say unique, taste in songs. :)
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Magnets Website

Postby mikeymagnet » Mon Mar 29, 2004 3:07 am

Thanks for the advice. We're just about to put up our new website, which will be simpler to use than our current one - and hopefully more stylish!

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