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Postby jsdiamant » Thu Jun 19, 2003 11:13 am

Ben Ferguson wrote:Something that also irks me is that it's all too easy, esp. recently, to score 4s and 5s. It seems almost as if a bad album scores a 3, an average one scores a 4, and anything above average scores a 5. Why is this? Not that I have seen every review that's been posted ever, but I have never seen a 1 and have seen very few 2s. What's the point of having a 5-point scale in the first place? Perhaps it should be a 3-point scale in reality.

I gave a 1 recently, to the Men in Black. I think it was the first RARB had seen in a long time.

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"it wasn't me"

Postby davetrendler » Tue Oct 21, 2003 11:21 am

I should read the RARB forum more often, especially when I'm being discussed.

A fact correction - I didn't review the Northwestern University Purple Haze album "Hooray for Everything". Chris, Brock and Hanna reviewed it.

Groundrounder - quit tryin' to make me look bad! j.k.

As for the Bostonians In the Office album: I had some big problems reviewing it. The artist in me hated some of what this group did (sugarpop with a studio glaze, felt fake and uninspired), and it was a little bit of a struggle for me to review the album fairly (i.e. not let my personal tastes jade the group's a cappella work). In the end, I rewrote my written review to tone it down, and I relied on RARB's definitions for the numerical scores. In the end, I believe my review was balanced and fair.

About the group's soloists specifically - Two or three were quite good (worthy of 4s), but two or three solo performances do not an album make. The third paragraph of my review is most telling. Overall, I thought most soloists were bland in vocal tone and style and a little boring in emotional energy/presence. I think energy and emotion are much more important to a good solo performance than style/technique, therefore the album's soloists appeared to me to be "average" within the body of a cappella that I've heard.

So why the discrepancy? I believe I was turned off by the album and soloists as a whole, enough that a few good soloists weren't enough for me to make up for the rest.

Thanks for asking!

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