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Postby sounderjh » Thu Sep 23, 2004 9:05 pm

rico wrote:Singyourheart. I don't know who you are...but you are the lamest person I know. Try sucking up more, k?

End of suck rant.


Now you're attacking people's opinions of people who give their opinion on music not created by you. Get a grip.

First off, I suggest you dispose of the meteor-sized chip on your shoulder quickly and grow up. Understand that someone in your group submitted your album for consideration, and reviewers said things you disagree with. Hang their name on your dartboard and get over it. Seriously.

This discussion is not a new one to this forum, and your thread won't be the last, but the response will always be the same: the reviewers are humans who do what they do on a volunteer basis, and do so in the interest of promoting and advancing the art form, and they do it without protection from the hurtful things I'm sure some of the groups they review say. As humans, they make mistakes in judgment when it comes to what they write. Criticism is great, bring it on. Insults are unnecessary, and should be avoided, blah blah blah, etc.

Now, before you reply to this post saying I'm the world's biggest horse's ass (I'm not, despite what you've heard or inferred), understand that like a lot of the people who will post in this thread, I too was a part of a project that cost somewhere around $20k of my hard earned money (well, I suppose mathematically speaking, only 2k was mine) and countless hours recording and producing, only to see its review here come up below a 4. Was I disappointed? Course. After I finally got sick of listening to the album and could hear it as not something attached to me, did I agree with almost all of what the reviewers said? You bet. I sure am glad I didn't blast the hell out of those reviewers at the time. (one of them sings in my group now)

Anyway, I've rambled, you hate me, I'm over it. Congratulations on the hard work you and your group put into your album. I hope the group uses the reviews to their benefit next time they hit the studio. And I hope for your sanity's sake you find a career outside the performing arts.

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Postby elocomotive » Thu Sep 23, 2004 11:54 pm

Right on, Amy.

Otherwise, we'll need to change this section from "Community Reviews" to "Bitching About Shortcomings in the Reviews - Qualifiers and Caveats to Why My Album Didn't Get a Great Score." hee hee.

Give your opinions on music you dig. Most of these posts start with "let me tell you why the RARB reviewers are wrong" or "here is the reason why our album isn't very good."

I'd love to see more, "Here is an album I love and let me tell you why." That would be cool. So, in that vein...
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