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Postby jsdiamant » Thu Oct 21, 2004 11:39 am

Brian, I, like others, take umbrage at your impugning my professionalism, ethics, and honesty and those of my colleagues. However, if you believe there's no place for interesting writing in the world of music reviews, that's certainly your prerogative. Personally, I would encourage you to apply again--this time being yourself. Phoniness is difficult to hide in writing. But you're clearly a qualified, knowledgeable purveyor of vocal music and would probably be an asset to RARB.

I believe that change is best accomplished from within systems. For example, my political views are, on many issues, significantly to the left of the main stream of the Democratic Party. I'm for socialized medicine, unrestricted gay marriage, sharply progressive taxation, and abolition of the death penalty, just to give a few examples. (I'm also fervently pro-Israel, pro-choice only because I believe outlawing it is an ineffective way to reduce the incidence of abortion, and pro-Clintonian welfare reform, so I don't completely toe the lefty line.) Yet the only place one can realistically work toward those goals is within the Democratic Party. No, change won't come quickly, but when you vote for someone like Ralph Nader, or agitate for socialist revolution, you're only shooting yourself in the foot and helping to hand the country over to the religious right and the neocons. Similarly, if you wanted to influence RARB in a more constructive/boring (depending on one's viewpoint) direction, you're much better off trying to become a reviewer yourself than continuing to insult us. We all read each other's reviews and are, I think, on some level influenced by them, so you'd be leading by example rather than confrontation. Think about it.

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