bobblehead dolls...

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Re: a cappella chicks

Postby jsdiamant » Mon Apr 25, 2005 11:39 pm

rebecca wrote:-rebecca, thankfully faceless enough to escape all this

you wish. :)

RARB bobbleheads! collect them all! now, for a limited time only, 11-YEAR VETERAN Rebecca Christie!

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Re: bobblehead dolls...

Postby CustomBobble » Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:30 am


It bobble head dolls great too! If you still not able to find any style you like from our great selections, you can have your fully customized bobblehead from head to toe. Forever Collectible Bobbleheads, Choose the theme, set the background, customize the dress and color and you have a completly customized Bobblehead just for you.

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