Maplestory M Mesos Overview: Long Live The King

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Maplestory M Mesos Overview: Long Live The King

Postby Sletrry » Thu Dec 20, 2018 7:35 pm

Presently, Maplestory mobile mesos is at a closed beta period while the final kinks are ironed out, prepared for everyone to dip in. While it had been possible to sign until the closed beta, the period to do this has passed.

The alternative option to dive in today was to catch a Founder's Pack, which basically grants you Early Access with some extra, bonus content, also. Regrettably, these went on sale on July 17, also have sold out amazingly fast.

As such, if you're wanting to play MapleStory 2, you'll probably just have to sit tight and await the official release, which unfortunately, has not yet been confirmed. With a little bit of luck, it'll drop sooner in 2018 rather than afterwards, but at most, it is about five weeks off. In the meantime, you can check out MapleStory M which just launched on mobile devices to tide you over.

And that's all you want to know to play MapleStory 2. If we spot any other methods you might have the ability to jump in the action early, we'll make certain to update this post and let you know.

MapleStory M lets you choose the adventures with you on the go, being the very first mobile entry in the series. Players can make their own characters, pick their own courses, and choose which quests they would like to playwith. That having been said, you have the option to change the way your hero appears from the game, so that they aren't wandering around with faces that are generic. Here is the way to modify your character's appearance in MapleStory M.

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