Score Some Harmony

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Score Some Harmony

Postby magnolia » Mon Jul 16, 2007 9:47 am

I have to say, I kinda laughed at this review. This is classic, very classic. I've never seen so much of a beatdown for liner notes and web site commentary.

I enjoyed it alot though, as I think it applies to alot of male groups out there.

It seems to me that Casual Harmony, Rutgers's first and only male a cappella group, was formed as a way to, as some would say, "get chicks". Why do I have this impression? I was first tipped off by the liner notes, which extolled their dedication "to the propagation of orgasmic a cappella music" followed by their "one two punch of dashingly handsome young men and astounding vocal ability". By the by, the album is also called "Score Some Harmony".

All the innuendo crystallized for me as I perused their website and found this choice bit of information: "Casual Harmony, CH or Colossally Hung as some of our groupies like to call us, was started a mere six semesters ago by then sophmore [sic] Dave Rabizadeh".

Setting aside this claim to prowess, one must wonder whether the promised vocal talent is there. Is Casual Harmony merely a bunch of grunting cavemen?

Anyone else heard the album? I was actually going to go out on a limb just to hear some of their tracks, but I couldnt get their 'Rutgers Online Store' to work right.
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Postby thatarin » Mon Jul 16, 2007 2:12 pm

you should be able to check out clips on the music webpage of their website.

I think it is a pretty good first effort, although:

some of the production done on the tracks seems to be covering up a low energy level on some pieces, and the track list alternates between really tight recordings (used 2 love u) and some that could use a little more restraint (superstition, portions of karma police).
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Postby streetnix04 » Mon Jul 16, 2007 8:13 pm

Agreed - good first effort. I think the album had some pretty good tracks (as evidenced by my inclusion of "Aerials" on Voices Only 2007), as well as some mediocre tracks.
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