Trove: the system is flawed in the way

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Trove: the system is flawed in the way

Postby albionsilver » Tue Nov 08, 2016 9:35 pm

Obviously he meant that hes beating the odds with more gem boxes thats going to require a lot of dedication.

First of all I agree the system isn't at all friendly with the amounts of RNG layers. But I agree with blindtom most of the high pr's didn't just get it through sheer luck, there's work involved.. lots of work. The OP to me is just seeing the lucky peeps making it sound like all high PRs is just lucky people.. probably have no idea the level of grinding most of the high PRs do.

The system is flawed in the way that charms is what stops people from progress, being unable to grind to progress the lessor gems. I've said it once that upgrading gems shouldn't even have a chance to crack the Trove Flux because of all the effort and RNG in gems but nope people suggested a tome. So here we are eventually we will meet a point where all progression is by weekly timegates minus the fact if you buy gem booster boxes, but again RNG.

There's definitely alot of grinding involved, but random chance can shave massive chunks off that, and that's a big problem. i don't really mind how the lesser and empowered gems are currently, trion has improved alot on them with stellar empowered boxes and higher chance of better and more stats on lesser gems, the only thing that still desperately needs improvement in terms of obtainability is the primordial dragons, they're too powerful to be locked behind the biggest rng wall since ganda. (ganda is not time-gated, so they're arguably worse.).

That's the thing, although Trion has released lots of updates and improvement on the current power rank systems, they haven't analysed it carefully enough to be able to tell the cons that come from it.
For example, even though the release of the stellar empowered gem boxes were a good thing and are supported by many players, it made Radiant Empowered gems useless. And if you look at it from a more realistic perspective, you will realise that the Radiant Empowered gems were supposed to buy trove flux online be a placeholder at first for stellar empowered gems, but now since the players can deconstruct the Radiant Empowered gems to get EGF to craft stellar empowered gem boxes to get guaranteed stellar empowered gems, they're rendered useless.
The main problem actually comes from the TimeGate, which the Devs do not seem to understand. Since you can only get a limited amount of empowered gem boxes each week, it was pretty hard to get a stellar empowered gem. The players complained about this, but then the Devs still didn't get what was still causing this and just added a stellar empowered gem box update, which to me, seems like a pretty half-baked idea.
Some people have already suggested a regular quest system granted by npcs that gives rewards to replace the TimeGate situation, but I wonder why the Devs still haven't implemented it yet.
Also, I'm okay with RNG lesser gems, but I am not okay with the random pr boosts. I mean, seriously what's the point? Do the Devs just love to get a chuckle out of trolling us or what? Seriously, what is the point of making us go through the grind again and again to get the lesser gems with the best pr possible? There is literally no purpose in this! And we might not even have a chance to even level a gem to the highest pr possible, since there are so many level up checkpoints for random pr boosts.
I'm not saying that I have an idea for improving and making this system flawless, but seriously... No offense to Devs, but have you been putting your 100% effort into this game?
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Re: Trove: the system is flawed in the way

Postby arthurpayne » Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:38 pm

There is always a scope for improvement. I am sure, the developers would listen to the constructive feedback and make the system flawless as you mentioned in your post.
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Re: Trove: the system is flawed in the way

Postby kenchampion » Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:34 am

As a tech support executive, I believe seamless effort can make a big change in the system. I am sure you will achieve the rest of it.
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Re: Trove: the system is flawed in the way

Postby MichaelMurphy » Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:25 am

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Re: Trove: the system is flawed in the way

Postby Sourced45 » Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:16 am

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Re: Trove: the system is flawed in the way

Postby Elaine A Sanchez » Mon May 20, 2019 5:37 am

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