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Postby streetnix04 » Thu Feb 10, 2005 5:40 pm

TakeNoteLady wrote:I appreciate that you dont write fluff.. and i appreciate even more that you are willing to clarify. As stated by others ... no i guess its not your job to help us get better but I know I sure as hell would if I had the knowledge to help aspiring groups grow. So cheers to you for the "extra" time ...Anywhoooo we all have our ways of doing things and Id like to state for the record that I thought there was a lot of constructive thoughts built in from the start... the panties were never in a wad and I truly appreciate the extra thoughts

I think this is an exceptional attitude to have, and I praise you for it.

I feel I just need to defend my post really quickly... it's not that I don't want to help groups get better, I absolutely want to do what I can to help groups improve -- anything that furthers a cappella is a-ok with me. I concur with Val that it shouldn't be required or expected in RARB reviews. That's not what they are for. As people who have e-mailed me in the past know, I am always willing to impart my wisdom and advice should anyone ever seek it out.

Any group who ever wants a fourth opinion and advice on how to improve is more than welcome to send me a copy of their CD! :-) (J/K... I think?)

I love a cappella and want to do anything I can to get it out there and make it better (I'm doing my master's thesis on a cappella for goodness sake!!).

-Corey Slutsky
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Postby trdave04 » Fri Feb 11, 2005 8:29 am

tekay wrote:THANKS! I rarely get feedback either way so the shout out is appreciated. And just to let you know, at the time I was writing the review, i think i'd just heard that TROAR was on BOCA, TN had done extremely well at SOJAM and the IMPUSLE boys were kickin' it like big dogs. so clemson was on my mind and what i'd been involved with was on my fingertips. plus, scurfluffle, how can you not like that!

it's all good, i wasn't upset - just surprised to see our name! and yes, i almost had to change pants when i read the word scurfluffle... interpret that as you will...

tekay wrote:maybe, maybe not. the categories are for ALL a cappella that we've ever heard, when we're deciding scores. even if they are better on that than their last album, it may still be average for what other groups are doing in the genre. just wanted to point that out.

oh okay. i think i picked that up somewhere else when a reviewer had been questioned about their high innovation score and he/she replied that it was because of the vast technical improvement over the groups' last effort. my "b".

anyhow, i'm glad you liked their cd! a couple tracks are definitely going on my "dave's BOCA" mix =)
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Postby gladdej » Fri Feb 11, 2005 11:15 am

well, this was fun to jump on rarb and see a whole thread about our cd..hehe i just wanted to say thanks to valerie for the clarification about her review and the criticism as well. while not everyone will love your voice it is nice to have something to work on instead of "you suck" basically. but i appreciate you taking the time to provide some insight to your thoughts. i really do. i realized from the start that those two songs were..shall i say..the less desirable of the cd. thanks to the other two reviewers as well for their kind comments and remarks. good luck to takenote at the next icca and on future cds as well!

the irritating soloist :-)
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