Turkey to take countermeasures on US for non-exemption from

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Turkey to take countermeasures on US for non-exemption from

Postby flystly » Mon Sep 10, 2018 3:59 am

Turkey to take countermeasures on US for non-exemption from aluminium

Following Japan, Turkey has also decided to slap the United States with retaliatory tariffs on imported products worth US$1.8 billion,gold colored aluminum foil state-run Anadolu Agency reported on Friday, May 18, 2018.

Turkey had expected a positive response from the US in regards to aluminium and steel tariffs exemptions when Nihat Zeybekci, economy minister of Turkey, had written a letter to US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross to convey the country’s exemption demand early last month. But unfortunately, Turkey failed to secure the relief from the tariffs and thus, decides to counterattack the US with heavy duties.

The report adds the tariffs worth US$1.8 billion will be applied on certain imported products from the US, including coal, paper, walnuts, almonds, tobacco, unprocessed rice, automobiles, machinery and equipment and much more.

According to the ministry, Turkey’s measures are in line with the losses caused by hurdles to its metal exports to the US. Ministry believes that these countermeasures will bring around 266.5 million dollars in tariffs.
Being the sixth largest steel exporter to the US that accounts for approximately US$13.8 billion, Turkey was shocked to know about its non-exemption from US’s imported metal tariffs. Earlier, apart from Nihat Zeybekci, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek had also met with US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in Washington and discussed the issue.
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Re: Turkey to take countermeasures on US for non-exemption f

Postby JohnBecker » Thu Oct 04, 2018 3:36 am

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