But still plenty of great fun!"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sectio

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But still plenty of great fun!"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sectio

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s Twinkie Town Farm ReportSatire lex Reyes Jersey , Irreverence, & Other HumorGame RecapsMonday Morning Minnesota: Nothing of great import editionNew,49commentsBut still plenty of great fun!EDTShareTweetShareShareMonday Morning Minnesota: Nothing of great import editionI have to go to like page 7,000 to find my favorite nebula, so I hope you enjoy this picture.Courtesy of NASARemember how you learned in our last link dump that the Twins were discussing an extension with the love of TJ’s life Kyle Gibson? Well, haha, never mind!In other minor news I feel like might have been noted somewhere, but am unsure enough to relay: Tyler Duffey and Chase De Jong are no longer in big league camp. The Twins camp is now down to 21 pitchers, which means at least 4 non pitchers will make the team. True facts.The Twins lead the majors in dingers this spring Evan Longoria Jersey , which means absolutely nothing but sure is fun! Who doesn’t love a good dinger? (I’m so happy with this joke link, you don’t even know.)The MLB recently changed a whole bunch of rules around, most likely for the better. The gains, however, might be pretty minimal at first. Unless that is, this is the start of something bigger.Speaking of those rule changes, here’s what some Twins think about them, per Betsy Helfland of the Pioneer Press. “When it comes down to it, teams and players are working together to try to get the best game possible for the fans Dustin McGowan Jersey ,” says Kyle “lord of the balls” Gibson. Hey, MLB hear that! Maybe make it so said fans can watch their team’s games live without paying a bazzilindy dollars to get an outdated subscription model on a technology the mythical young folk barely ever use.That last bit had nothing to do with anything, I just hate blackouts.While I take a week to refresh my library of video game mu
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