Audition Announcement South Bend, IN Tenor/Bass/VP

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Audition Announcement South Bend, IN Tenor/Bass/VP

Postby Josh9519 » Mon Sep 16, 2019 2:38 am

Luminos, a young contemporary co-ed a cappella group based in South Bend, IN, is currently taking video submissions for new member auditions! We're currently looking for submissions for tenor, low bass(comfortable low C) and vocal percussionist. If you're interested in submitting yourself, please send a video (or video link - Youtube, Vimeo, etc) to

Your video should include the following:

- A slate (Your name, your age, and the neighborhood you live in)
- A brief scale or warmup, one up, one down, just so we can generally hear your range
- A verse and chorus each a cappella of two contrasting classic/pop songs (e.g. one upbeat, one ballad) - be sure sure to pick songs that you love and you feel really show you at your best
- If you do vocal percussion, a quick freestyle just to show what you can do
- A very brief "about you" as to how you got into music/a cappella and the usual voice part you sing

The video can be super informal, on your phone is fine, just so long as we can hear you clearly enough! We looking forward to hearing you sing!

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